A few days after 9-11, I shared my thoughts about the attack with the NY Times which published my Op-Ed….

The New York Times


In a Wounded Land, the Drums of September

By Kenneth M. Sabath

Sept. 20, 2001

To the Editor:

America must fight its declared war on organized, worldwide terrorism by immediately enlisting a coalition force of NATO, Russia, China and as many Arab countries as possible. Although American unilateral action is completely justified, acting with worldwide consensus would go far in defeating the inevitable charges of American hegemony or imperialism if America retaliated alone and on a wide scale.

Regrettably, support for any forceful American response may be dissipating faster than the smoke at the World Trade Center ruins. Therefore, using diplomacy, America must not hesitate to compel previously reluctant countries to join the war on terrorism. America must make the price for vacillation or noncommitment exorbitant.

We invite the community of nations to help us. We are willing to subordinate our power and pre-eminence to moral consensus. But at any moment, we are ready to act alone.


Missouri City, Tex., Sept. 19, 2001

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